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Do you have to pay your own bills now that you are in college?

Being responsible for your finances is part of growing up.  When you go off to college, you learn first hand that money is finite, meaning that it eventually runs out. Your income from your job will help you pay your bills. However, it can be scary if you don’t have a plan to pay your bills. How will you pay for unexpected car repairs? From cell phones to insurance, keeping track of your expenses is key.

The question we are answering is about how to pay your bills each month.

Click the video below to learn 3 tips to help you shed the fear and uncertainty about your finances.

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Are you trying to decide which extracurricular activity is right for you?

There are so many opportunities to get involved while you are at college. From student government to students in free enterprise, Spanish club, and other community groups, it is tempting to join them all.  For others, it is overwhelming, and you just decide to not be involved.  Although extracurricular activities will require a time commitment, you will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and meet new friends.

The question that we answering is how to  choose an extracurricular activity that is right for you during college.

Before you take the plunge, click the video below to learn 3 tips to balance your schedule when you take on a new commitment while in college.

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It is an honor to have written an article in the ONCOURSE magazine.  The article, Money Matters, tackles 3 areas that deal with your finances as you head back to college. It talks about how money not only impacts you, but everyone around you. Here’s a quote from the article.

“But, if you don’t learn how to handle your finances, money will not just burn a hole in your pocket but could potentially “burn holes” in your relationships with your friends, parents, and future spouse.”

I would love for you to read the whole article. You can download the ONCOURSE Magazine App on your Ipad or other device from the “Newstand.” The best news is that the app is FREE! The whole magazine is very interactive and geared toward young people!  Here is a picture of it from my iPad.

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Are you worried about getting good grades in college?

For most people, college is harder than high school. You spend less time in class, yet are required to write papers, research, and take comprehensive tests.  You have to take responsibility for your schedule, time, and homework. When you go to class on the first day, all the assignments in the syllabus can seem overwhelming. Although it is a challenge, you can take small steps at the start of the semester to help you get great grades by the end of the semester.

The question that we answering is how to make good grades and have a strong GPA in college.

Click the video below to learn 3 tips to have a great GPA in college.

To Your College Success!

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